About Local Culture Guide

Unearthing local cultural traditions and spiritual practices around the world.

About Local Culture Guide

Local Culture Guide features itineraries and local insights for the culturally curious.

We present independent travelers with the ideal routes and most intriguing cultural attractions of entire countries such as Armenia and Cyprus; islands like Malta and the Azores; and regions such as Languedoc Roussillon in France, the Scottish Highlands and the Yucatan Peninsula.

We curate the most compelling experiences for independent travelers in the realms of archaeology, architecture, dance, folk art, festivals, food, gardens, landscapes, museums, music, and textiles.

Through our access to local cultural standard-bearers, we can share with you authentic insights about the history, philosophies, and traditions of a host of fascinating destinations. With the benefit of these perspectives and the "back story" they provide, you can more fully appreciate the sights and culture of your destination.

On LCG, you won’t find “the top ten restaurants in Paris,” or hotel reviews, or sponsored posts. Instead, you’ll be able to travel the world (without even leaving your living room if you so chose) and be transported through life-changing stories of humanity and connection, or take your wanderlust to the next level by learning about the meaning and significance behind different cultures across the globe. If you want other travelers’ opinions, go to TripAdvisor. If you want the take of cool people on their own culture, who also share some pretty amazing life lessons, then dive in! Welcome to Local Culture Guide!

A proponent of experiential travel, LCG founder & editor Meg Pier values the expertise of local guides who can offer access and insights that she readily admits she can’t presume to achieve on her own. Experiential means walking in the shoes of another and getting a glimpse of life through their eyes. It also means responding—intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically—to the sensations elicited by an encounter with living, breathing culture. Such exchanges mean a connection has been made, our lives have been enriched, and we take away a little something of that culture, which will remain with us always.

Meg is also the founder and editor of People Are Culture, a website that explores the definition of culture and its meaning and relevance through in-depth interviews and feature stories. PAC also offers a collection of pieces that look at UNESCO World Heritage as well as a series that considers the evolving role of museums in interpreting culture.