Tour Guides We Use

People Are Culture presents stories of the world’s cultures through the voices of local people. We are able to do this thanks to the professional guides who give us access to tradition-bearers we might otherwise not meet. The guides we work with ensure the accuracy of our stories by serving as fact-checkers, and often help with translations.

All of the Tour Guides and Tour/Travel companies mentioned on this page are highly recommended and all guides speak excellent English.

It saddens me that in the wake of COVID, seven guides and small tourism operators I have worked with from Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, and Scotland have left the business. Guides are a bridge between travelers and local culture and we encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge they can offer, which will enrich your trip immeasurably!


Miguel Choco

Miguel Choco is a Tour Guide for Cha Creek Tours. Chaa Creek is a 400-acre nature reserve.

They offer carefully designed tours from inland Mayan archaeological treasures to the stunning Barrier Reef, beautiful Cayes and coastal resorts.

Read more about my experience with Miguel here.


Adiluz Lucy Perez Dehoyos

Adiluz "Lucy" Perez Dehoyos is a Tour Guide for Tayona Birding which is based in Santa Marta, Colombia. Tayona Birding promotes sustainability and community tourism. They specialize in bird watching tours but they also offer other unique tours such as their multi-day trekking tours.

Check out my experience with Lucy here.

Jaruen Harold Enrique

Jaruen "Harold" Enrique is the founder of Tayona Birding which is based in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Let Harold guide you to El Corazón del Mundo or the "heart of the world", the home of Kogi people on Pico Cristóbal Colón, the highest mountain in Colombia.

Check out my experience with Harold here.

Rony Monsalve

Rony Monsalve is the founder of Ecotours Boquilla, a tour company based in La Boquilla which is on the outskirts of Cartagena, Colombia.

Ecotours Boquilla offers a wide range of tours. You will meet and participate in daily activities among the natives, immerse yourself in music, typical cuisine, dances, crafts and take ecotourism tours.


Gigi Scheper

Gianna ‘Gigi’ Scheper offers a complete tour of Jewish Curaçao.

Morning tours are about 3 1/2 to 4 hours, while afternoon tours are approximately 3 hours since the Mongui Maduro Museum is not open in the afternoons for small groups.

Read more about my experience with Gigi here.



David Pearlman

David Pearlman is the founder of Cyprus Exploration Limited. David is an Archaeologist and has a vast wealth of knowledge on Cypriot History.

Cyprus Exploration offers seven very unique tours of Cyprus.

Read more about my experience with David here.



Jose Antonio Gonzalez

Jose Antonio Gonzalez is the lead tour Guide at Bella Guatemala Travel. Bella Guatemala Travel caters to every detail of small group, sustainable and socially responsible travel.

They offer a wide range of multi-day tours.

Read more about my experience with Jose here.

Sicily - Italy

Giuliana Occhipinti

Giuliana Occhipinti is the Founder of Uncovered Sicily. Giuliana is a museologist and an archaeologist who specialized in Prehistory.

Uncovered Sicily offers highly cultural tours of Sicily for small groups and families.

Read more about my experience with Giuliana here.



Mateja Krear Gliha

Mateja Kregar Gliha is the founder of Slovenia Guides. Mateja quote summed up Slovenia perfectly "Ljubljana, together with the surroundings of our capital city, and Slovenia boasts insurmountable diversity."

Slovenia Guides has 23 different tours to choose from.

Read more about my experience with Mateja here.


Mahsa Homayounfar

Mahsa Homayounfar is the Founder and CEO of Not Just a Tourist, an award-winning travel company in Spain. Not Just a Tourist specialised in tours of Seville and they also offer many day-trip tours from Seville such as their extensive day-trip tour of the Granada. Their website offers 56 different tours that cater to every budget.

Meet one of the guides Mahsa works with in this interview!

Marcy Forman

Marcy Forman is the Co-Owner of Valesa Cultural Services. They offer highly unique tours, excursions and activities for small groups such as food tours and Flamenco dancing lessons.

Read more about my experience with Marcy here.